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Our firm is committed to the personal relationships we develop with our clients. We understand that real estate and business transactions involve large investments and personal risk, and at Craig M. Dorne, PA, we aim to make you feel confident in your future endeavors. Whether you are buying or selling your home, or are trying to obtain a liquor license, or are trying to handle code violations for your business, we will give you the personal and knowledgeable representation you deserve.

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Real Estate/Condo Association Law:

Our firm represents clients who need an experienced attorney for residential or commercial real estate transactions. We will represent any condominium association with any real estate needs, such as hurricane claims. We also represent clients who are dissatisfied with their homeowners’ or condo association and are looking for effective legal solutions. Our real estate transactional work also includes landlord-tenant issues and closings.

Business Transactions:

It is essential for business owners and franchise owners to protect their investments. An experienced attorney at our firm can help you with all your business formation needs from a small start-up, to a franchise or a large publicly held corporation. Also, if you already own a business, we can help you with any business transactions. We can help you with mergers, contracts, purchase agreements, sales, franchise law conformity, and shareholder issues. Attorney Craig M. Dorne has nearly 20 years of experience working with business owners in Miami and South Florida, and his firm is dedicated to helping you understand all aspects of your business start-up, from the expansion of the business to mergers, acquisitions, contractions, and when necessary, dissolutions.

Zoning Issues:

If you are buying a piece of property, attempting to open up a business or acquire an existing business entity it is extremely important to investigate the area and land for any zoning issues that might impede on your plans. Our firm can help you research and petition for zoning changes, apply for a variance, or have a property you are renovating that has been deemed non-conforming be changed so that it is conforming for use under local zoning law.

Hotel, Nightclub and Restaurant Law:

If you own a hotel, nightclub or restaurant in South Florida – or are considering starting one – it is important to speak with an attorney who has the specific knowledge in these areas, including franchising law, to provide the advice you need. Our firm can help you with franchise, zoning, and licensing issues, such as liquor licenses. We assist your business with all health code, fire code and noise code issues as well as municipal code violations.

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