Municipal Code Violations

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Helping Businesses with Municipal Code Violations

Businesses in the hospitality industry – bars and restaurants, night clubs, and hotels – must operate under a host of government regulations and are subject to regular fire, food, licensing, and health and safety inspections. It’s not uncommon for an inspection to turn up a municipal code violation of one sort or another.

Although most municipal code violations can be addressed relatively easily, some will present a problem. Continued code violations — such as noise violations at a night club — can become a significant source of conflict between the business, its neighbors, and the city. And they can be extremely costly, adding up to hundreds of dollars a day.

If your business has run into problems with a municipal code violation, contact the Miami law office of Craig M. Dorne, PA. For nearly 20 years we’ve been helping the owners and managers of bars, restaurants, night clubs and hotels in South Florida resolve code violations, liquor licensing violations and zoning problems.

Attacking the Code Violation Quickly

Many municipal code citations impose a daily fine until the condition is “cured.” That fine can easily be $250 a day. Our business attorney can contact the municipality on your behalf to negotiate an arrangement or can go to a hearing to have the fine set aside or greatly reduced.

Common Municipal Code Violations

Some of the municipal code violations we’ve handled include:

  • Noise violations: for example, when a band is performing at a nightclub
  • Fire code violations: for exceeding seating capacity or fire hazards. If the fire department has shut your business down, we can help you get reopened.
  • Sanitation violations: for example, if your company’s garbage has not been picked up frequently enough
  • Health code violations: including food prep area violations, housekeeping violations and garbage disposal violations

Contact an experienced business lawyer at the law office of Craig M. Dorne, PA, for a free consultation and prompt legal help with any municipal code violation problem.